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LOW New Car Loan Rates!
ATDFCU is offering a new car rate as low as 1.75% APR on a 3 year loan!
See more rates!

Quicker Loan Processing!
Check it out below

Take a moment to reflect.....

In the last few months have you...

Moved, changed your name, established a trust, added a new family member?

If any one of the changes have occurred you need to contact the Credit Union to update your account with regard to joint ownership and / or beneficiary.

Additionally, make sure we have a permenant address on file to assure that your mail is not delayed!

A Change in Loan Processing!

With a change in Loan Approval scheduling, there's no more waiting for the usual Wenesday loan approval meeting! If the loan application and all documentation is completed when presented for processing, your loan could be approved within a business day, depending on credit history!


Find those wheels you've had your eyes on, make your best deal and head to ADTFCU for a new, just-in-time lower loan!!

Effective July 1st, ATDFCU is offering a new car rate as low as 1.75% APR on a 3 year loan! A 5 year term loan has an equally attractive rate of 2.50% APR!

Similiar savings are also available for used cars as well - note that some restrictions do apply - click thru to the Loan Product page for more complete information,
or call the ATDFCU offices - 408-365-4444

The ATDFCU Newsletter goes... GREEN!!

Don't be surprised if you only see 2 printed copies of the ATD Federal Credit Union News next year - it's a planned change to use less physical resources and 'Go Green'! Not to worry - all the information you're accustomed to see in the printed newsletter will be right here on the ATDFCU website!

We're So Close To You!

6830 Via Del Oro, Suite 205, San Jose, Ca. 95119

408-365-4444 voice
408-365-4754 fax

Your credit union is here to serve you!

Saving Services, including Savings Accounts that pay quarterly dividends, Share Secured Loans, and Holiday Club Accounts.

Loans, including Auto, Truck, RV and Boat loans, both for new and used; Personal Loans, and more! ATDFCU closed end loans offer lower interest rates in most instances, with no prepayment penalties. Pre approved loans allow members to shop as 'cash customers', giving you extra leverage in closing the deal. Download a loan application and get started!

Membership to the ATDFCU is restricted to full or part time employees of the Northrop - Grumman San Jose / Hellyer operation, full or part time employees of EDORSS Corp, an employee of the ATD Federal Credit Union or an immediate or extended family member of an ATDFCU member.

Now Available: Direct Deposit!

Direct Deposit your Social Security, Pension or Paycheck Directly into your ATDFCU Account!

Direct Deposit ensures that your money is where you want it to be, when you want it to be.

Use Direct Deposit to make signature or car loan payments or contributions to your Holiday Club account effortlessly!

Make your life simpler today; all it takes is a call to the Credit Union to get signed up for this great, free time-saving service!

This credit union is federally insured by the
National Credit Union Administration




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Your Online Crisis
Identity Theft and Fraud - An Update!

Sound Financial Practices - Debt Settlement, Credit Cards, Auto Loans, 2nd Mortgages and more!

Online Security - Identity Theft, and Safe Operating Practices



ATDFCU does not use the Internet to collect any information about it's members.

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